Barbie is the daughter of a german sex doll

Did you know that Barbie is the daughter of Bild Lilli, a German doll who was raised in the 50s after a comic book about her was a success and in that comic book Bild Lilli was a sex doll?

So it can be said that Barbie, who was born by the hands of Ruth Handler and her husband Elliot Handler after a trip to Germany (yes Barbie was a plagiarism of a doll already created!), is a sex symbol that started in Germany.

Bild Lilli, Barbie’s mother, was a German doll produced from 1955 to 1964. She had the sexy measures of a desirable woman.

In 1952 the newspaper Bild published comic strips with a female character named Lilli, created by illustrator Reinhard Beuthien to fill the holes without news from the newspaper. Printed in the stories in a pornographic way, she used to pursue rich men in search of money and success.

Bild Lilli was not a children’s toy. She was an erotic doll, who sat with her legs open and used to be placed on the dashboard of the car.

Why don’t we know this story?
Because in 1964 Mattel bought the manufacturing rights to the Bild Lilli doll and ended up with it to erase the pornographic origin of Barbie as a sex doll.

Have you ever wondered about the sexy shape of Barbie’s body, a doll for children?
Probably yes, but the no nipples thing that makes it unrealistic and a model of a conservative front, gives her no option but to be a children’s doll with a mysterious past.