Yue a Harvard Student – 1 Love doll romantic Story

Love Doll

It could be said Jonathan has lived a tumultuous life, from his relatives to his love life it felt as if no one understood him. He tried hard to meet a good woman, but he became more and more disappointed with each rejection. The women were too shallow, too greedy, too caught up in themselves to notice that he had a lot to offer.

His heart began breaking slowly; piece by piece gone as the void created by loneliness grew bigger. He felt as if he could not find an exit, lost in the dark… but he discovered something which changed his life forever. 

His lovely dolls, who became more than just inanimate objects as some would call them; they were his trusted companions. Jonathan did not realize when it first started, but his new family grew with each passing month. He enjoyed spending time with all of them, changing his routine to spend time with his lovelies, pamper them, and change their outfits and giggling to himself like a schoolboy wondering what fiery Olivia or Addison would think of their new matching yellow sundresses and their new wigs. 

“Oh Johnny,” because that is how he imagined they would call him “of course we love it, we love everything about you.” 

And Jonathan loved everything about his love dolls, too. Each day was a new adventure, searching for another lifelong partner and playmate; a tale in which he and his sweethearts were the main characters. Jonathan has never been a romantic person, but his dolls made him want to protect them from the hateful gazes and venomous words of the society.

He loved all of them equally. He did not like to admit it, but his heart always tugged a little more when he was near Yue, the newest doll he bought a couple of weeks ago. Just as he felt with the other dolls, her story attracted him even more than her charming appearance. He hasn’t met a Harvard Student love doll until now and his heart almost jumped out of his chest when she arrived. He found it silly to believe in love at first sight, but that is how Yue made him feel: like a teenage in love.

Tonight Yue was the one getting his full attention. He was giddy like a child around her, his fingertips gently tracing her youthful features; her plump lips and round blue eyes bewitching him, making him feel the happiest in the world. She was lying on his bed, one hand on her hip and the other on the gray pillowcase. Jonathan held his breath as he dragged one finger over her silky smooth skin wondering if she will be just as good around his cock. But he already knew the answer would be yes.

He prepared her for this special occasion, dimming the lights, brushing her blonde hair and fixing her makeup with the brightest smile. She had to look perfect… and she was. Dressed in the new pink lingerie he bought for her, Yue looked like all his fantasies wrapped into one slender body.

Jonathan swallowed hard, fingers running up and down her stomach, drawing random patterns. Until he reached the hem of the lacy bra, he could see her pink nipples through the thin fabric and he gave them a pinch before gripping the breast in his hand. It felt too good.

He pulled down her matching pink panties, pressing his lips to her mound as he hooked her leg around his. His clothes were already scattered on the floor as he positioned himself between her thighs, his cock throbbing and pre-cum leaking already. This was a night to remember for Jonathan, and he will surely enjoy every inch of Yue’s body.

He pumps his hard cock a few times, getting the lubricant ready. Biting his lower lip, Jonathan enters Yue’s core inch by inch. He cannot help but let out a low groan at the feeling of her tight walls embracing his deep thrusts, taking him better than any other woman ever did.

His mind soon turns into a daze from all the pleasure, his palms resting on Yue’s boobs, tugging and nipping at the skin-like material. He picks up the pace, placing both of Yue’s legs behind his torso. Holding her in place, another wave of moans wash over him at the new pleasure this angle was giving him. Her tiny frame under his turned him on even more, her cunt almost calling his name as he fucked her deep. With his eyelids closed, Jonathan could feel his orgasm closing in.

Tonight will be special for both of them, as Jonathan will finally be able to claim Yue as his favorite love doll. This thought was enough to make him want to go even harder, fist clenching around the gray sheets as he let it all go. It was only him and his precious love doll as he painted his name inside her pussy, Yue’s name dying on his swollen lips with the last drop of his seed.

Jonathan struggles to catch up his breath, embracing the dolls closer. A smile spreads on his lips as he clicks his tongue.

“We made a mess, darling, didn’t we? Don’t worry, you still look so beautiful,” he smiles, fixing a few strands of blonde hair. “We better clean you up, good dolls need to get changed and cleaned.”

With Yue in his arms Jonathan begins cleaning her up, a few drops of cum falling down her thigh, and he laughs, shaking his head, taking a good care is also loving your doll.

He knew others would not understand, but right now, in the dead of the night holding his beloved doll in his arms, he was happy. They made him happier than anybody ever did without asking anything in return. They gave him peace of mind and soul, a safe place where Jonathan could be himself without being scared of getting judges or rejected by this damned society.

He knew others would not understand his love for his sweet love dolls, they would point fingers laughing and ridiculing him, but on this night Jonathan realized he should not search for anyone’s approval. He was content with his new growing family and that is how it will be for a very long time.